We have been mastering records for over 20 years, a time which has seen the biggest technical and creative changes ever in the methods of music creation and delivery, and the emergence and convergence of new and exciting musical styles.


We are lucky to have been mastering full-time during this exceptional period and have the experienced know-how to give your music the care and attention it deserves, wherever it sits on the musical spectrum


We can provide digital production masters in whatever format you require, and if you have a vinyl requirement we have close relationships with some of the UK’s finest vinyl cutting engineers who can cut your lacquers and reference acetates from the mastered files we would provide.



Getting playlisted and then gaining maximum impact within the constraints of a radio time slot can often mean preparing a special radio edit that sympathetically condenses the song structure whilst retaining the essence of the artistic message.


We have edited hundreds of songs in this way that have become hits and in many instances they have also become the commercially available ‘single’ version.

We provide a similar service for the even tighter time slots of TV appearances, and also supply correspondingly edited backing track versions.


If you have a plan for your edits we can execute it at the highest technical quality, or if you are looking for suggestions or guidance about how to achieve what you need we can

help you with that, providing examples and alternatives where appropriate.



All our clients are welcome to attend their mastering sessions, but if this is not possible then we are pleased to be able to offer the 360 Mastering sound and service as an online option.


However, this not a no-contact, impersonal mastering service, but a means of access to our world class mastering studio and the skill and know-how of our engineers, wherever in the world you happen to be.


The engineer of your choice will master your project and communicate with you about any issues that may arise relating to it, ensuring that you end up with the best possible sonic result for your recordings, just as you would if you were here in person. If you are unsure about which of our engineers to choose for your mastering, please ask us for advice – we only have two!


Please contact us for a mastering price quote based on your specific requirements, as studio time required will vary according to each project.


With a little communication we can ascertain the method and approach that is best suited to your project, with either attended or unattended sessions, a combination of the two or a straightforward per track rate.


We can receive and deliver your tracks in a variety of ways, let us know what method you prefer. We accept payment by Paypal in addition to BACS, CHAPS, and Account Customer terms.