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Attended or Online Sessions

All our clients are welcome to attend their mastering sessions, but as mastering along with mixing has become predominantly an unattended process we are pleased to be able to offer the 360 Mastering sound and service as an online option.

Abstract Wavy Lines

World renowned mastering engineers

The engineer of your choice will master your project and communicate with you about any issues that may arise relating to it, ensuring that you end up with the best possible sonic result for your recordings, just as you would if you were here in person. If you are unsure about which of our engineers to choose for your mastering, please ask us for advice – we only have two!


With a little communication we can figure out the best method and approach for your project, along with a straightforward per track or per project rate. 


Dick Beetham


Dave Turner

Get in Touch

To work with us please either call us on 020 7385 6161, email or complete the online enquiry form on our contact page. 

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