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We have been mastering records for over 25 years, a time which has seen the biggest technical and creative changes ever in the methods of music creation and delivery, and the emergence and convergence of varied and diverse musical styles. 

Abstract Wavy Lines

World renowned mastering engineers

We have been working continuously during this exceptional period, we have the experienced know-how to give your music the presence and impact it deserves, wherever it sits on the musical spectrum.

We can provide digital production masters in whatever format you require, for your vinyl requirements we have close relationships with some of the UK's finest vinyl engineers who can cut you lacquers and reference acetates from the cutting-ready mastered files we would provide. 

Our full discography can be found at Discogs and by clicking here


Dick Beetham


Dave Turner

Get in Touch

To work with us please either call us on 020 7385 6161, email or complete the online enquiry form on our contact page. 

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